For Dermal Filler Injection, Pattaya is one of the best destinations that must be considered.

Thailand is a rapidly emerging medical tourism destination. Pattaya is especially famous for cosmetic procedures like dermal filler and wrinkles treatment. Pattaya has amazing aesthetics clinics for all cosmetic procedures that suit all of the requirements.


There are several reasons why you should consider dermal fillers in Pattaya.


The average cost of dermal fillers is 330 USD to 600 USD per cc. depending on the brands, which is lower than the price you pay at your country. To find the best price, you can take quotes from several clinics in Pattaya. Usually, there will be monthly exclusive discounts regularly offered.

Excellent Clinics.

There is no dearth of quality dermal filler clinics in Pattaya. You can review clinics using Google Business or clinics’ Facebook fan page, to find the best clinics that suit your requirements. Doctor Yada Clinic is recommended medical aesthetics clinic in Pattaya, which run by highly qualified doctors and professional friendly staffs. 

Excellent Service.

For the clinic mentioned earlier, the clinic is built for your utmost comfort. Even at affordable prices, Doctor Yada Clinic offer you service that is comparable in quality to what you are getting in your country and others. The staffs are very professional and hospitable. Getting dermal fillers here is a safe, reliable, and comfortable experience. You can ask any previous patients and reviews in the Google Business and clinic’s Facebook fan page for confirmation.


The clinic are located in areas where there no threats for tourists. Millions of people come to Thailand every year to see its beauty and culture, and thousand on medical trips annually. That is why you should not have hesitation about visiting Pattaya for dermal fillers.


Convenience is a major factor that has boosted medical tourism. It is easy to locate clinics and booking appointments easily online. In other countries waiting period for cosmetic procedures at hospitals is unusually long, but in Pattaya, getting a cosmetic procedure, including dermal filler is an in-and-out affair. You won’t have to wait for long, and the session will be over in a couple of hours.


These are reasons why your next dermal filler appointment should be in Thailand, especially Pattaya. Enjoy your medical vacation as you go wrinkle-free. Pattaya has all the facilities that you need for safe and affordable cosmetic procedures.

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