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Hello, it’s Dr. Yada introducing a game-changer in aesthetic technology – TargetCool. 💁‍♀️💙This amazing equipment offers two unique modes.
Mode 1 aids in pain reduction during procedures like Radiesse, Sculptra, and Filler injections, minimizing the need to use anesthetics. 😌💉

Mode 2, or the ‘Booosting Mode’ is the epitome of modern therapy – drugs are delivered under the skin without any needle, any pain, and any downtime! This is achieved using UltraSonic CO2 which freezes the drug into micro ice bullets. The drug is then sprayed under the skin with strong and fast ultrasonic Co2 ice bullets and delivered to the DEJ junction. As the ice melts, the drug gets delivered into the underneath layers of the skin. A true revolution in drug delivery!🔬🧊

TargetCool promises results equivalent to mesotherapy injections but without the needles, wounds, and downtime. Ideal for moisturizing your skin, treating melasma, acne, and even infusing a bright glow to the skin. 💦💫

Transform your skincare journey with #TargetCool and experience the new age of beauty treatments at Yada Clinic Pattaya.
Intrigued? You must try it to believe it! #TARGETCOOL #YadaClinicPattaya 👩‍⚕️👍

Experience TargetCool at Yada Clinic Pattaya – Precision-Cooling Technology for Enhanced Healing

Welcome to Yada Clinic Pattaya, where we blend state-of-the-art technology with the art of healing to deliver exceptional care in aesthetic medicine and wellness. We are pleased to introduce TargetCool, a revolutionary FDA/CE Class II medical device that epitomizes precision cooling, bringing relief and recovery to a range of dermatological and post-procedural needs.
Yada Clinic maintains a sterling reputation for incorporating international advancements and scientifically-backed treatments to cater to our discerning clientele’s well-being. With TargetCool, we extend our commitment to providing treatments that not only address cosmetic concerns but also enhance healing and comfort.

Your Experience Beyond Cooling

TargetCool represents the pinnacle of therapeutic innovation. This groundbreaking system offers precise CO₂ cooling therapy, adept at reducing pain, inflammation, swelling, and bruising associated with various procedures. From calming inflammatory skin conditions, such as acne, itching, and eczema, to providing anesthesia and pain relief post-surgery, TargetCool is your ally for a serene and swift recovery.

Precision-Controlled Technology

Leveraging precision temperature control, TargetCool systemically delivers cooling anesthesia and anti-inflammatory treatments. It is meticulously designed to serve multiple purposes, including:


Providing a seamless numbing effect to reduce discomfort during treatments.


Alleviating symptoms of dermatological conditions such as eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, rosacea, flushing, atopic dermatitis, and more.

Immunomodulation (for Hair Loss)

Addressing immune-related skin issues like alopecia areata and allergic itching.

Every aspect of the TargetCool methodology is anchored in scientific research, ensuring that each session contributes positively to your health trajectory.

Tailored Protocols by Indication

Our TargetCool offerings are not ‘one size fits all’. We believe in personalized treatment protocols, adjusting the cooling intensity to suit the individual’s condition and the product’s viscosity. The system’s versatility permits sessions ranging from light, refreshing treatments at 5°C to more intensive protocols that reach -100°C. With four types of boosting containers designed for different viscosities, your therapeutic experience is as precise as it is effective.

Advanced Benefits

The multifaceted capabilities of TargetCool include:
– Rapid Precision Cooling: Quickly reaching the desired therapeutic temperature.
– Safe: Minimizing the risk of complications and preventing tissue damage.
– Stable: Delivering consistent temperatures throughout the treatment for optimal results.
– Standardized: Ensuring repeatable outcomes through standardized treatment protocols.

Whether you are seeking to ease the itch of eczema, diminish the discomfort of a post-operative state, or simply wish to explore the latest advancements in holistic aesthetic treatment, TargetCool offers a refined approach tailored to your needs.
At Yada Clinic Pattaya, we take pride in providing bespoke, comprehensive care that transcends conventional expectations. We warmly invite you to experience the innovation of TargetCool within the serene ambiance of our clinic, where your comfort and health are our utmost priorities.

Discover the unparalleled benefits of precision cooling technology with TargetCool at Yada Clinic Pattaya.

Because when it comes to your well-being, we believe in delivering nothing short of excellence.

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