Introducing our hand rejuvenation treatment – Radiesse! A dermal filler that enhances the appearance of your hands with a natural-looking glow 🙌
At Yada Clinic, we understand that the hands are a tell-tale sign of ageing and we are proud to offer this revolutionary treatment to our clients.
Under the expert care of Dr. Yada, a certified specialist in hand rejuvenation, you can be assured of long-lasting and seamless results.
By injecting Radiesse into the skin, it plumps up the volume, improving the texture and smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles.
The treatment is quick, easy, and more importantly, produces an instant result – no downtime required 🤩
With our bespoke approach, you can feel confident that we tailor the treatment to suit your individual needs. The results can even last for up to a year!
So why wait? Accentuate your elegance and take charge of your hand rejuvenation journey with Yada Clinic today. Reach out to us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Yada and find out more about how Radiesse can help to restore the beauty of your hands.
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