When crafting your personalized treatment plan, our CoolSculpting® team may recommend two or more treatment visits.
Why? The proof is in the results! Patients saw up to 73% greater fat reduction after two treatment visits vs after one treatment visit.*
*In a study, 106 patients received CoolSculpting treatments on the abdomen and/or love handles. 102 received two treatment visits and 4 received one treatment visit. The primary goal was to evaluate patient satisfaction. The secondary goal was to measure the change in fat volume from the start of the study to a certain timepoint after each treatment visit. Volume of fat was measured at day zero, 8 weeks after the first treatment visit, and 12 weeks after the second treatment visit. After the study was completed, calculations were done using the fat volume data of the patients who received two treatment visits. Change in fat reduction was compared at each timepoint.
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