Firm and lifted skin as desired from the first treatment 🥰
With the program “Ultherapy,” it beautifies and tightens specific areas for each individual.
Ultherapy for face lifting and tightening with no downtime.
Ultherapy is an ultrasound wave that delivers energy to the same layer as the surgical facelift (SMAS) , precisely targeting specific areas. It can visualize the skin layer through a screen (Real-Time Ultrasound).
It stimulates collagen and elastin, helping to lift and tighten the skin, making it smoother, reducing wrinkles, and improving skin texture. It’s a non-surgical procedure with no downtime.
Here are 3 reasons to choose Ultherapy at YADA CLINIC:
1. No pain at all: The clinic has special techniques to minimize pain or make it nearly painless (pain score 3 out of 10).
2. Guaranteed results: Prior to the treatment, specific target areas and designs are discussed together.
3. Worth the investment: The doctor pays attention to every detail and every line on the screen during the procedure. Additionally, complementary treatments are performed to provide fast and long-lasting results.
When you think of lifting your face, think of Ultherapy first with Dr. Yada.
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